A little about us

The Express installation unites the need of the consumer to perform a service with practicality to a specialized technician / installer. This platform is composed of two mobile applications, one for the request of services by the consumer (USER) and another to manage the request made by the consumer that stays with the technician (EXPERT). In addition to the site www.instalacaoexpress.com.br serve as guidance and information to the consumer and the installer, it is a tool to include the documentation of the installers and the administrator of the platform.

Know our structure

and how it is behind the whole thing

The platform stores all the information generated from the demands of the services and controls all the operations coming from the applications. The consumer interacts directly with the installer/technician in explaining their needs, accompanies in real time the movement of the professional to the place of service and payment can be made through the credit card directly from the application or in cash.



The Express Installation was created to meet a growing need in the facilities market.

The team responsible for developing this platform has extensive experience in managing large teams and special projects. The manager of this project, Mr. José Ubaldo, was responsible for managing all the air conditioning and gas heater installations of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, totaling more than 20 thousand equipments.

Our goal is to bring together in one unique tool, customer demand in search of a qualified technical professional to carry out its services, and assure our clients, the best installers / technicians in the most varied segments throughout Brazil, always seeking a transparent and fair relationship between both parts.

The function of Express Installation is to connect CLIENT and INSTALLER quickly and safely.